Home Drinking Water Remains Health Concern In 2019

Water in every state uses a filtration system to reduce the concentration of various matter. However, even with the government’s attempt to provide safe water supplies, there are still high levels of contaminants. Thus, without a home water filter, the quality of water is average at best. What does average mean? It means you likely have a concentration of suspended particles and other dissolved material in your drinking water.

Why Everyone Needs A Water Filter Today

Hardly anyone questions the age and quality of pipes anymore. This is important because older pipes pose enormous dangers, especially if there are Lead residues that contaminate the water. Government agencies like to reassure consumers that this rarely happens, but after many recent state tests, it still occurs. Substances such as lead, bacteria, and fungi are elements that can contaminate the drinking water and severely affect the health of the user.

Filtration helps in eliminating bacteria, parasites and other particles that occur during the run-off of rainwater. There are standards governments must abide by, and these include minimum and maximum levels of contaminants that find their way into your water. But do you really want a minimum level of particles in your drinking water?

A home water filter will purify water, irrespective of the source, making it completely consumable. It also allows you to avoid buying gallons of store-bought water, which can become a burden on your pockets, and running out of water at the most inopportune times. The best of both worlds is a filter.

Most quality water filters can be purchased for under $200, but it they definitely earn their worth in the long-term. There are several types, and most people are familiar with the big-named brands. For example, Pur Water filters aren’t expensive and they have several different models.

One of the easiest methods of filtering drinking water is installing a tap to your faucet. It provides one spigot where everyone can get their water, and there are Pur filters that fit right onto the faucet. This extension prevents the impurities from dispensing alongside the water.

Another well-known brand is Brita water filters, which go back as far as 1966. Even as far back as the 1960s, Brita strived to explain to consumers the importance of preventing contaminates into their drinking water. They offer an array of filtering products, and all of them are affordable. They also offer warranties and the company has been a mainstay in the products they sell, as well as the reasons behind having quality drinking water.

Regardless of what your needs may be, home water filters are available in an array of designs that fit all budgets, because your drinking water should be pure, and safe for the sake of your health.

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